Quick Draw Vacuum Pump


Get the fast, noticeable results you're craving with the Quick Draw Vacuum Pump. This great enhancement tool is recognized but the American Pumpers Organization has lots of features that make your pumping experience easy, comfortable and pleasurable. The sturdy, clear cylinder is graduated in both inches and centimeters up the side, letting you watch and mark your progress accurately; it's a nice big size, measuring in at 9 inches. At the entrance, you'll find a soft black rubber sleeve that fits over the base of the penis to provide support and an airtight seal, making sure you get the most out of the powerful vacuum. A trigger style pump handle is easy and quick to use, its attached with lots of non-crimping hose for freedom of movement. Once you're where you want to be, you can slide the enhancer ring over the penis (it can be placed at the mouth of the cylinder before pumping, if desired) to keep the results lasting. If you'll be using a lube with this pump, be sure to use a good rubber friendly (water based) formula to jeep the soft sleeve at it's best. New easy grip pump handle, high quality 9" cylinder, safety release.

  • Strong Vacuum
  • Pistol grip pump
  • 9" Clear cylinder
  • Removable latex sleeve
  • Erection enhancer Included

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