Pretty Love Carol Sensual Pleasure


Pretty Love Carol has up to 30 different types of vibrations. So you can easily find the perfect mode at the moment, tailored to your needs.

The control buttons are located at the bottom of the vibrator, in a very intuitive place for the user. One button is responsible for switching on the device, while the other you can choose your favorite vibrating mode at the moment.

Very simple and modern design, anti-allergic silicone material and built-in battery are undoubtedly the advantages of this vibrator. Carol is flexible, and its soft and softly shaped shapes encourage you to try!

The vibrator is extremely smooth and sensual, because it was made of medical grade silicone . The silicone heats up very quickly, but at the same time retains the heat acquired for a longer time, which gives a maximum of realistic sensations. In addition, medical silicone does not cause skin irritation or allergies. It has no taste and smell.

The vibrator is 100% waterproof , so you can indulge in a moment of pleasure lying in the tub or taking a shower.

Pretty Love Carol is powered by a built-in battery, and charging is done using the included USB charger. The end of problems with constantly discharged batteries!

Remember to use only water-based lubricants with sex toys covered with medical silicone.

Material: Medical silicone, ABS, without phthalates

Color: powder pink


Overall length approx. 16.5 cm
penetration depth approx. 11 cm
diameter approx. 3.5 cm

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