Intimate Spreader Pussy Gym


  • Labia spreader with love ball
  • For intense pelvic floor training
  • Adjustable spreader

Innovative pelvic floor training!

Compared to other conventional training balls, the Intimate Spreader Duo Ball has up to 50% more effect when it comes to physical training. The ball should be inserted into the vagina and the labia spreader then placed into position. This device also triggers an involuntary training of the vaginal muscles because they automatically exert more force when the labia are spread. The standing exercises are performed with slightly spread legs and then by moving the pelvis back and forth. 10 minutes a day and 3 times a week is sufficient. An improvement of the pelvic floor muscles should be seen after just 3 weeks.

Complete length 19.4 cm, ball 3.5 cm, weight 46 g. Silicone, PU.

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