Spartan Man Enhancer


Provides unique sensations, Spartan is probably the best intensifier gel of orgasm for couples, formulates a plant base and 100% natural extracts.

From the first application, all the strength and energy in the male organ. With a pleasant effect calories increases an explosion of sensations that only Spartan has been able to create.

Spartan is the most powerful new generation 2018 intensifier gel, never developed and for a long time that exists in the market

Apply gently with a massage in 2-3 minutes on the male organ along the entire limb and feel an immediate effect of strength and endurance. 
Specially formulated for the Man, it is ideal to have a control of the sexual capacity and to promote the erection

Spartan couple gel directs you to intense and multiple orgasms!

  • Cold and warming sensation effect
  • Dermatologically tested
  • A base of natural extracts.
  • Compatible with latex and condoms.
  • No sugar, no gluten and 100% vegan.
  • 40ml container

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